YouTube offers users a new feature to turn their content into Shorts

By Tejaswita Tiwari  | Date: 2022-07-30

YouTube offers users a new feature to turn their content into Shorts

Online video sharing and social media platform, YouTube is reportedly aiming to increase the amount of ‘Shorts’ videos available on its platform in view of competing better with Tiktok, the video hosting service owned by Chinese company ByteDance.

Apparently, the firm is rolling out a new creator tool that quickly converts current YouTube videos into Shorts.

The update, available now on YouTube’s mobile app, lets video creators select any video segment they have uploaded earlier and then post a short video clip as a YouTube Shorts video.

As per credible sources, the firm was already transforming the uploaded videos of users as Shorts Videos that are under 1 minute (60 seconds), even if the content was uploaded as a typical YouTube video.

This move signifies the concerns that Google, Youtube’s parent company, holds regarding the dominance of Tiktok in shorts. It knows that empowering YouTube’s Shorts library to grow progressively via original and new content uploads will not be enough to compete.

Given that, the firm has been counting on utilizing its current long-form content to create more Shorts.

Additionally, the social media behemoth is expecting creators to help actively build the Shorts library further, given the unveiling of this new tool that empowers users to clip exciting moments from their longer videos.

While explaining the new feature, the firm stated that this new updated mobile app empowers creators to choose a part of their video for 60 seconds in length and convert that into Shorts content with the same editing tools used generally inside the app.

If the selected part is of less than 60 seconds, then users will be able to shoot other videos with the Shorts camera or can add gallery videos for completing their 60-second Shorts content.

According to sources, the new Shorts feature will be available from now onwards on YouTube’s mobile app for Android and iOS.

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