UAE’s EGA is trialling wearable tech for preventing heat-related illness

By Vinisha Joshi  | Date: 2022-06-28

UAE’s EGA is trialling wearable tech for preventing heat-related illness

The EGA (Emirates Global Aluminium) has recently announced that the firm is trialling a wearable technology in its yearly programme for reducing heat-related ailments amongst industrial workers during the hot summers of the UAE.

Fifty volunteers employed in EGA’s potlines, that are amongst the hottest parts of the corporation’s operations, were known for wearing devices for monitoring critical health indicators, including heart rate, core body temperature, and sweating rate.

The crucial data through these devices is transmitted in real-time to the supervisors and the occupational health team of EGA, with alerts to variations of probable concern.

As per reports, the technology is estimated to augment prompt detection of the early signs of speed interventions and heart-related illnesses.

CEO of EGA, Abdulnasser bin Kalban, said that via the commitment of the team to this important effort, the firm has substantially reduced the severity and incidence of heat-related ailments at EGA. In 2020, the firm recorded zero cases.

Wearable technology provides the option of zero cases every summer, and the firm is positive about this trial.

Although heat-related illness is a special challenge working with industrial processes which generate heat, it is a risk for people working outside across the country.

Kalban added that the firm is looking forward to broadly sharing the results of this trial and other lessons learned, benefitting everyone by contributing to the well-being of society through outdoor work.

It has been reported that ‘beat the heat’ program of EGA is an annual summer-long effort across operations. It begins with awareness programs for building knowledge of heat-related illnesses and their initial signs for individuals and those working with or around them.

Furthermore, employees undergo hydration tests before and during shifts, in addition to taking regular breaks and are given access to cooling showers.

Icemakers, drinking stations, portable air conditioning units, and cooling booth units in EGA’s operational areas help the employees to remain cool.

Heat rash prevention and UV protection cream are also available to keep people comfortable, with reusable water bottles and access to electrolyte drinks.

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