TISAtech allies with tech leaders to offer FinTech access to next-gen services

By Vinisha Joshi  | Date: 2022-06-16

TISAtech allies with tech leaders to offer FinTech access to next-gen services

TISAtech has partnered with global technology leaders to introduce upcoming, high-growth FinTech access to next-generation services.

This move sees Amazon Web Service, MasterCard, Yodlee, and R3 join the NEBULA Development Panel of TISAtech. NEBULA offers FinTech firms low-cost or free access to advanced technologies thereby helping them develop and improve their business proposals.

Members of TISAtech will now be able to access FinTech-centric, discounted, and highly specialized support. This includes developer tools, cloud services, enterprise resources, financial services, CRM, and investment acceleration.

While commenting on the latest move, TISAtech CEO Gary Bond mentioned that an alliance between business excellence and innovation is the understanding on which the NEBULA Development Panel is based.

Bond added that the company’s collaborations with well-renowned tech providers expedite access to tools that are generally inaccessible to help FinTech firms scale to the next level.

The NEBULA Panel consolidates with the global FinTech standards of TISAtech developed in collaboration with The Disruption House. These standards offer 48 benchmarks based on which FinTech firms can evaluate themselves and leverage NEBULA to prompt enhancements.

The benchmarks span ESG between technological sophistication and operational readiness thereby helping innovative fintech startups scale, enhance, and connect with finance consumers across the world.

David Vatchev, R3’s Head of Blockchain Ventures has expressed that the organization is pleased to collaborate with TISAtech to offer a free 6-month developer license to members, allowing startups to negotiate controlled markets and develop strong proposals to be pitched to B2B clients.

Credible reports suggest that TISAtech has teamed up with NextWave Consulting, a specialist in digital transformation. Together, they provide FinTech solutions for wealth and asset managers, banks, and building societies.

For the record, TISAtech connects FinTechs and financial institutions to ease the fast-tracked collaboration and integration of transformational digital solutions.

The company intends to enhance the financial condition of the UK customers by consolidating the financial services savings industry to foster collective engagement.

Source credits: https://ibsintelligence.com/ibsi-news/tisatech-partners-with-global-technology-leaders-to-enable-fintech-access-to-next-gen-services/

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