Switzerland and Korea to jointly pursue growth in the field of femtech

By Vinisha Joshi  | Date: 2022-06-14

Switzerland and Korea to jointly pursue growth in the field of femtech

The Embassy of Switzerland in Korea organized the yearly Swiss-Korean Innovation Week between 7-10 June to emphasize diversity as a propelling factor in innovation.

The Startup Roadshow, followed by an Open Talk with Tech4Eva held on 8 June, was the center of attraction with a key focus on spreading public awareness in Korea on spearheading femtech and technologies supporting women’s health and wellness.

With support from the embassy’s Science & Technology team, Tech4Eva – as the pioneer boosting global startups in the femtech space of Switzerland – aims to bring together Korean startups, the market, and the Swiss-based program.

Dagmar Schmidt Tartagli, Swiss Ambassador to Korea shed light on diversity as the unique selling point of Switzerland – a country that has consistently been ranked as the most innovative nation – and how certain socio-political challenges such as gender equality need focused attention.

The Swiss Ambassador vouched for femtech in paving the way for the introduction of innovative solutions and technologies for enhancing women’s wellbeing.

Speaking on the femtech situation, Simone Theiss, Program Director of Tech4Eva, stated that a pre-study of the market done by the team in 2020 indicated the need for a femtech-specific accelerator in the Swiss market to support women’s health and femtech technology development.

Theiss mentioned that the sector continues to suffer from a lack of funding and hence necessitates more awareness on the topic. 

In 2021, Tech4Eva startups helped raise nearly $60.30 million with the global market investment scope in the femtech space anticipated to reach $45 billion.

It has been claimed that Tech4Eva received 124 applications in total from 30 countries and 80% of these were spearheaded by women.

The major focus of these applications was on areas like pregnancy & postpartum care, fertility, reproductive, menstrual & sexual health, female-specific disease & menopause, prevention & diagnosis, and mental health & well-being. 

Four of the total applicants were from Korea, among which INERTIA – a team developing sanitary napkins from 100% cellulose bio-absorbent polymer produced using electron beam technology - was selected for the 2022 program.

Source Credit: https://www.koreatimes.co.kr/www/nation/2022/06/113_330921.html

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