Sensible Medical & Terumo India collaborate to unveil ReDS Pro tech

By Tejaswita Tiwari  | Date: 2022-07-22

Sensible Medical & Terumo India collaborate to unveil ReDS Pro tech

Terumo India, the Indian unit of global medical technology frontrunner, Terumo Corporation, has reportedly collaborated with Sensible Medical Innovations. Apparently, the latter is a market leader in imaging technology and medical radar monitoring that gives total distribution rights for ReDS Pro and ReDs technology in the country.

As per sources, ReDS Pro measures the complete volume of lung fluids in patients who have a strong association with the coronary heart failure symptoms. It is a non-intrusive technique that takes only 45 seconds to measure.

Sources claim that the lung fluid evaluation performed using ReDS Pro shows the same accuracy as that measured by a CT scan.

Reportedly, heart failure is one of the most prevalent chronic diseases for geriatric population and the care takers do not have a useful tool to keep patients at their stability and bring down hospital readmissions and offer better quality of life.  

Therefore, periodic monitoring via titration of medicines and ReDS Pro in heart failure patients can potentially bring down hospitalization rates by 30 per cent.

Shishir Agarwal, Managing Director, Terumo India expressed excitement in unveiling ReDS Pro that represents the top standard for managing and monitoring heart failure patients in the Indian health care.

Shishir also expressed anticipation in working with Sensible Medical in introducing the ReDS Pro device across all hospitals in India to back them in handling the patients more efficiently.

Meanwhile, Amir Ronen, Chief Executive Officer, Sensible Medical, stressed on the urgent requirement for a reliable tool to monitor and assess pulmonary congestion, which is vital to guide heart failure treatment.

Amir added that the team is happy to work along with Terumo in this long-term collaboration to make ReDS Pro available across India to improvise healthcare.

For the record, ReDS™ technology was adapted for medical purposes from an Israeli military application wherein it was used to see through the walls.

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