Roche unveils new cancer diagnostics platform- BenchMark ULTRA PLUS

By Vinisha Joshi  | Date: 2022-06-30

Roche unveils new cancer diagnostics platform- BenchMark ULTRA PLUS

Swiss biotechnology company, Roche has reportedly announced the launch of its latest advanced tissue staining platform, BenchMark ULTRA PLUS, designed to offer quick and accurate testing results enabling clinicians to make timely decisions on patient treatment and care.

Speaking on this newest development, Thomas Schinecker, CEO of Roche Diagnostics shed light on the significance of the BenchMark system in addressing the current challenges faced by patients, such as the waiting time associated with the diagnosis.

The novel BenchMark system allows pathologists to provide faster and more accurate analysis to inform patients of the different treatment options available.

Typically, cancer or other abnormal cells can be differentiated using biochemical markers present within the cells. When chemical solutions are applied to tissue samples on glass slides with BenchMark ULTRA PLUS, healthcare professionals can easily identify these markers and determine whether the key drivers that allow abnormal cells to grow are present or absent.

If present, it helps identify the appropriate course of action to invade the foreign/cancer cells.

It is also worth noting that the new BenchMark ULTRA PLUS is the next best thing introduced in the BenchMark series, which has considerably transformed the space of cancer diagnostics by completely automating processes that were earlier performed manually, one slide at a time.

Owing to this latest diagnostic platform’s simplified software, and streamlined productivity & control quality, lab personnel will be able to manage tasks more efficiently and ensure quicker delivery of test results to avoid delays in treatment.

Some of the key advancements to note in the system are remote monitoring features, new intuitive software, an integrated touchscreen offering an optimized user experience, and an eco-friendly waste system with sustainable product packaging.

Globally, the BenchMark ULTRA PLUS system will be rolled out in 2023. This would be following the launch in European Union countries in July 2022, which will precede the platform’s introduction to the U.S. and Asia Pacific market in September 2022.

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