Orderific unveils new tech for smart restaurant ordering system

By Vinisha Joshi  | Date: 2022-05-25

Orderific unveils new tech for smart restaurant ordering system

Dubai-based B2B platform, Orderific has launched an inclusive technology to support contactless ordering system that is believed to transform the future of in-house dining in Dubai, underpinning its goal to innovate and upgrade hospitality space into smart restaurant within 5 minutes.

Speaking of the innovative tool, Manoj Kumar, Founder of Orderific quoted that the technology will help the commerce platform address major pain points from the customer as well as owner perspective.

Kumar emphasized on the ability of innovative tech to reduce waiting times and speed up table turnover rates, enabling restaurant owners to streamline operations while increasing revenues and strengthening patronage among its consumers.

Orderific also aims to leverage contactless smart ordering systems as a crucial business asset and provide small and medium sized restaurants a competitive edge to sustain and thrive on an expansive digital scale.

With the help of a smart QR code, customers can check out the menu, place their order, and execute smooth transactions – all with zero contact service.

Moreover, thanks to some of its advanced features, customers can have access to waiters just a click away, can track preparation status of their meals, split the bill, and pay for meals using cryptocurrency.

Orderific’s 3-step contactless smart restaurant ordering system includes-

  1. Browse The Menu

Customers are provided with a sophisticated “point and click” QR code system, facilitating direct access to a bespoke visual menu, which allows them to check the restaurant’s best selections without hindering service flow.

  1. Place Order

Thanks to Orderific’s fully streamlined ordering experience, customers can not only place and customize orders, but also earn special offers and pay for their meals in just few seconds. With this automation, customers can also place their orders in advance, before arriving at the restaurant.

  1. Bon Appetit

The order is placed instantly after the above 2 steps and restaurant immediately starts preparing the order seamlessly and delivers meals in no time. With enhanced ordering and delivery efficiency, Orderific helps restaurants give customers a taste of the future of in-house dining.

Source Credit: https://www.zawya.com/en/press-release/companies-news/orderific-launches-new-technology-for-contactless-and-smart-restaurant-ordering-system-bp2qs3sp

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