New VR tech plans to make cancer treatment less traumatic for kids

By Vinisha Joshi  | Date: 2022-08-05

New VR tech plans to make cancer treatment less traumatic for kids

Researchers at the Children's Hospital at LHSC (London Health Sciences Centre) and Lawson Health Research Institute are reportedly deploying VR (virtual reality) in an effort to reduce anxiety and fear in pediatric patients during painful medical events during cancer treatments.

Under this study, cancer patients aged between 5 to 17 requiring port access, which is a holder that sits under the skin for needle injection for blood work or offering daily medication, will be examined. Apparently, this procedure is said to be quite painful for patients.

While commenting on the move, LHSC's emergency pediatric physician, Dr Naveen Poonai, revealed that many kids undergo such painful procedures.

Poonai further claimed that although the patients are given anesthesia in some capacity, they still encounter a substantial amount of discomfort due to anticipatory anxiety and stress.

Sources also disclose that over 90 patients will be randomly divided into three groups for the study. While one of the groups will be provided access to VR technology during the process, the second group will view games or programs on tablets & iPads, and the third group will not be offered any technology.

Following this, researchers will record their responses and provide a questionnaire to evaluate the better solutions.

Poonai also expressed hope in cutting off the patient's anxiety and creating a better experience for kids during the procedure, along with supporting them to cope with the painful procedure as they age.

It is imperative to note that while children in the 1960s were diverted with a game of snakes and ladders, in the 21st century, they are engaged in virtual reality.

The patients can therefore enjoy a 3-D experience that covers 180 degrees with several games and a virtual aquarium in which they can interact with wildlife without bearing the needle in mind.

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