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International - WAFF Championship
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Iraq v Bahrain Match Previews 14/08/19 ᐉ Football Prediction, Tips ᐉ Live Score | www.thisisourtownrichmond.co.uk

14/08/19 - 16:30

Cool football confrontation is waiting us on 14 August! This football game between two exciting clubs: Iraq and Bahrain, is holding during the WAFF Championship in International. Both teams will play in really agrressive performance. Our prediction on this soccer confrontation is: Let’s review the last football battles of both clubs. Iraq played the last match against Yemen and ended that confrontation with the score: 2 : 0. Bahrain finished the last match against Kuwait with the score: 0 : 0. We are looking forward for awesome football opposition, because the tutors of both teams chose really agrressive line-ups. Marker out your own favorite of this football game in the voting and comments. Good ref was chosen for this soccer battle.

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