Serie D, Girone B

Coming season of Serie D, Girone B is the league, in what are competing all these football squads: Alzano V., Ssd Pro Sesto, AC Ponte San Pietro-Isola, SC Caronnese 1927, Usd Olginatese Calcio, FC Legnago Salus SSD, US Darfo Boario, Seregno Calcio, USD Caravaggio, Usd Ciserano, Asd Villafranca Veronese, Sondrio Calcio, Usd Scanzorosciate Calcio, Mantova 1911, Como 1907, Sdl Rezzato, Gsd Ambrosiana, Villa Dalme Valle Brembana In SDGB 18/19, the 15 September is the date of the beginning of the next tournament. And the 10 June is the date of the finish of the same season this year. All football standoffs of SDGB 18/19 will be showed at the stadiums: Stadio Comunale, Stadio Comunale, Stadio Mario Sandrini, Stadio Danilo Martelli, Stadio Matteo Legler, Campo Sportivo Comunale, Stadio Comunale, Stadio Scanzorosciate, Campo Sportivo Rossoni, Municipal, Stadio Carillo Pesenti Pigna, Stadio Breda, Stadio Ferrucio, Stadio Giuseppe Sinigaglia. Well, let’s try to predict who will be the most persistent football club in next season of Serie D, Girone B? You, fans, can write your opinion about it on our website in the comments and voting.

Serie D, Girone B Table

League rounds

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