3rd League, Group 8

Current season of 3rd League, Group 8 is the league, in what are taking place these football clubs: Kalamata FC, Panargiakos FC, Ermionidas, Mandraikos, Panarkadikos, AO Eikosimias, AE Asteras Vlachioti, Enosi Panaspropyrgiakou Doxas, AO Katastariou, Ypato, Ambrysseas Distomou, Pamissos Messini GFC, AE Pellanas/Kastoriou, AE Lernas In 3rdLG 8 18/19, the 30 September is the date of the beginning of upcoming season. And the 15 April is the date of the end of the same season this year. All soccer matches of 3rdLG 8 18/19 are gonna be played at these stadiums: Gipedo Kranidis, Gipedo Mandraikos, Gipedo Panarkadikos, Dimotiko Stadio Paralias, Dimotiko Athlitiko Kentro Argous-Mykinon. So, let’s try to predict who is going to be the most unpleasant football club in this season of 3rd League, Group 8? You, fans of football, are able write your thoughts about it on our website in the comments and voting.

3rd League, Group 8 Table

League rounds

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