2. deild

Current season of 2. deild is the competition, in what are playing all these football teams: IR Reykjavik, UMF Selfoss, Volsungur, UMF Vidir, KF Fjardabyggd, KFG Gardabaer, Throttur Vogum, Dalvik Reynir, Leiknir Faskruosfiroi, UMF Tindastoll, Kari, IF Vestri In 2.d 2019, the 4 May is the date of the beginning of upcoming league. And the 23 September is the date of the finish of the same tournament this year. All soccer battles of 2.d 2019 will be presented at the next stadiums: JAVERK-vollurinn, Hertz Vollurinn, Eskifjardarvollur, Fjardabyggdarhollin, Skagfirdingabraut, Husavikurvollur. Well, let’s try to predict who will be the most exciting football club in next season of 2. deild? You, football lovers, are able write your expectations on our website in the comments and voting.

2. deild Table

League rounds

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