Kakkonen, Group B

Upcoming season of Kakkonen, Group B is the league, where are competing these football squads: Tampere United, IF Gnistan, Kapa, Grankulla IFK, P-Iirot, FC Espoo, KaaPo Kaarina, SalPa, FC Jazz, FC Honka/Akatemia, EPS, Ilves 2 In KGB 2019, the 27 April is the date of the start of the next season. And the 31 October is the date of the finish of the same tournament this year. All football standoffs of KGB 2019 are played at the stadiums: Porin Stadion, Max Westerberg Areena, Kauniaisten Keskuskentta, Salon Urheilupuisto, Aijansuon stadion, Mustapekka Areena, Ratinan Stadion, Leppävaaran Stadion. So, let’s try to predict who will be the most exciting football club in next season of Kakkonen, Group B? You, football lovers, can write your predictions on our site in the comments and voting.

Kakkonen, Group B Table

League rounds

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