Premier League

Present season of Premier League is the league, in what are fighting these football teams: Leopards de Dolisie, Etoile Du Congo, Cara Brazzaville, AS Cheminots, AS Kondzo, Inter Club Brazzaville, JS Talangai, CS La Mancha, Nico-Nicoye, Patronage Sainte-Anne, Tongo FC Jambon, V. Club Mokanda, Diables Noirs, AS Otoho In PL 18/19, the 8 December is the date of the start of current season. And the 31 May is the date of the finish of the same season this year. Well, let’s try to predict who is going to be the most profitable football crew in this season of Premier League? You, fans, are able write your predictions on our website in the comments and voting.

Premier League Table

League rounds

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