partners with Thoughtworks for business transformation

By Tejaswita Tiwari  | Date: 2022-07-01 partners with Thoughtworks for business transformation

American software company, Thoughtworks, has announced a strategic partnership with, the European travel-tech expert of dynamic holiday packages, to accelerate engineering and innovation.

This latest partnership with Thoughtworks – a global tech consultancy that combines strategy, design, and engineering to boost digital innovation – comes at a time when is recovering from the pandemic and is now back with a bang to bring its growth goals to fruition.

Reportedly, the developer teams at are focusing on evolving and expanding teams within a limited timeframe to flourish in a dynamic and complex technology landscape.

As a part of the partnership, Thoughtworks will support the transformation phase of to embrace the constantly changing travel industry to its full potential and ultimately create enhanced customer-centric experiences.

Speaking on this latest deal, Corrado Casto, Chief Technology Officer at, stated that every month the company reaches to 60 million users through its website and apps while making sure that the clientele is provided with the best customer experience.

With more initiatives focused on the digitalization of the travel industry globally, will be able to amplify its traffic, leveraging the growing number of users in search of suitable travel packages and experiences online.

Casto further shed light on Thoughtworks’ philosophy, which according to their website is to create an exceptional impact on the world through culture and technology excellence, aligning itself with’s vision for their technology departments.

According to sources, the company also aims to mobilize Thoughtworks’ thought leadership in software engineering in order to enhance technology excellence.

It is imperative to note that the engineering teams of both companies will jointly address the most business-critical technologies and architectural challenges in a co-delivery environment – which will involve training, coaching, and mentoring sessions.

The co-delivery support will help strengthen the overall operational efficiency of and its capabilities to deliver engineering excellence.

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