Israel’s latest military tech allows operators to ‘see through walls’

By Tejaswita Tiwari  | Date: 2022-06-27

Israel’s latest military tech allows operators to ‘see through walls’

With the technological disruptions deepening in the military sector, a new Israeli military technology is now expected to enable users detect objects and people behind solid walls with the help of artificial intelligence (AI)-based tracking algorithm.

Developed by imaging solutions frontrunner, Camero-Tech, which is headquartered in Israel, the technology dubbed – Xaver 1000 – was introduced in France at the Eurosatury 2022 exhibition, held in Paris.

According to Camero-Tech, this latest technology is a part of the ‘See Through Walls’ portfolio of products which offers real-time data associated with the placement of objects and people behind walls.

The company also claims that the new Xaver 1000 is an integral technology for intelligence units, militaries, law enforcement, and search and rescue teams.

Furthermore, the company boasted the new military tech’s tactical capabilities, emphasizing its ability to detect the presence of life within an enclosed space, the number of people present and their distance from the system, height, and orientation of the target.

Essentially, the system provides the general layout of space for informed and better decision-making.

Xaver 1000 can not only detect live objects behind walls but also offer higher resolution capable of determining the standing or sitting positions of a person, and if they have been motionless for a considerable amount of time.

As per the company, the latest military technology can also detect specific body parts.

Some credible reports have identified that operating the technology is relatively easy and requires minimal training. In order to operate the system embedded with a 10.1-inch touchscreen display, a single user is required to work with a simple interface on the screen.

Camero-Tech further believes that the latest technology can penetrate the commonly used building materials.

Beyond the military expertise, the Israel-based firm also develops pulse-based UWB micro-powder radar ‘Through Wall Imaging’ products and was recently chosen as the search & rescue kit supplier of a major Southeast Asian National Search & Rescue Agency.

Under this initiative, it will allow search and rescue teams to detect the presence of life in time-critical situations like earthquakes, fire tragedies, structural disasters, and Tsunami.

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