Inner functioning of human genome revealed with new technology: Study

By Vinisha Joshi  | Date: 2022-06-25

Inner functioning of human genome revealed with new technology: Study

Researchers at the New York Genome Center and Weill Cornell Medicine, in partnership with Oxford Nanopore Technologies have reportedly formed a new way to assess the 3-Dimensional structure of the human genome on a big scale. The genome is the full set of DNA, genetic instructions, or RNA, allowing an organism to function.

With the help of this new method, the researchers demonstrated that the functioning of the cell, consisting of gene expression, might get affected by the groups of interchanging regulatory elements in the genome and not the pairs of these components.

Nature Biotechnology contains these findings which highlight the relationship between cellular identity and genome structure.

Dr. Marcin Imielinski, Core Member of the New York Genome Center and Associate Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology and Computational Genomics in Computational Biomedicine, Weill Cornell Medicine stated that having the knowledge of the 3-Dimensional genome structure will assist the researchers to get a better understanding of the functioning of the genome and especially its ability to encode various cell identities.

Dr. Marcin mentioned that the methods through which the team studied genome structure gave them great insights that also presented many limitations. For instance, the prevailing technology to assess the genome’s 3-D structure has allowed the researchers to learn how often physical locations on the genome, or two loci called promoters and enhancers interact with each other to impact the gene expression.

It has been quoted that the information regarding these pairings provide full insight into genome function and structure. For example, connecting a folding pattern to how the genome encodes for a particular cell identity like a lung, liver or epithelial cell has been tough.

It was also mentioned that scientists have conceived that this folding affects the gene expression.

Speculations have it that the new technology can also help researchers analyze how stem cells and master cells of the body differential into various cell types.

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