HMSI partners with Kyndryl to revamp automation & IT systems

By Tejaswita Tiwari  | Date: 2022-07-15

HMSI partners with Kyndryl to revamp automation & IT systems

Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has declared partnering with Kyndryl, one of the world’s leading IT infrastructure service providers, to uplift its security and IT transformation journey throughout its manufacturing plants in the country.

Presently, Kyndryl has been managing the dealer and enterprise management systems for every dealer along with infrastructure solutions for plant production applications.  

As per sources, by combining improvised customer service experience and operational efficiency, HMSI’s revived collaboration with Kyndryl will enhance manageability of infrastructure and uptime via augmented automation along with increased resiliency and cybersecurity of the firm.

Moreover, it will also enhance Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India’s IT system availability and business applications, for which the new collaboration will incorporate an on-demand Disaster Recovery-as-a-service established for less outage and manufacturing loss in case of a crisis affecting primary data center of HMSI.

Mr. Atsushi Ogata, Chief Executive Officer, President and Managing Director at Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India stated that the firm is thrilled to announce an exclusive technological collaboration with Kyndryl India.

For the unversed, Kyndryl’s deep awareness regarding the business functions of HMSI pillaring on complex IT systems makes it a reliable advisor for the operations in India.

Atsushi mentioned that the new synergy will endow HMSI with better operations predictability and business availability while infusing a more agile IT environment that serves its partners and customers better.

Furthermore, Mr. Lingraju Sawkar, President at Kyndryl India commented that the firm is thrilled to expand on its partnership with Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India as the team looks forward to opening the potential of complete online transformation within the India operations.

Lingraju mentioned that Kyndryl’s proven knowledge in automation, infrastructure management, and cloud transformation along with thorough understanding of Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India’s crucial operations allow the team to structure and anticipate an agile and resilient framework for the future.

It has been claimed that the latest integration would offer a single automated dashboard to analyze ongoing IT infrastructure system as well as health checks like provisioning, patching, and more.

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