Gordon Murray to design a ground-breaking electric SUV portfolio

By Tejaswita Tiwari  | Date: 2022-06-06

Gordon Murray to design a ground-breaking electric SUV portfolio

The Gordon Murray Group is foraying into the mainstream market space with plans to develop a couple of mass-market-friendly electrically charged SUVs following the launch of the GMA T50 and GMA T33 supercars featuring V12 engines.

Speculations have it that the revolutionary SUVs will be the first ones to ride on a tailored new EV architecture, that is currently under work at the Gordon Murray Design (GMD).

Meanwhile, the Gordon Murray Automotive (GMA) unit plans on setting up the cars for customer deliveries over the next two years and will also focus on a ‘very noisy’ hybrid model.

Gordon Murray shed light on a few details of the anticipated SUVs, promising that the company would revolutionize consumers’ perception of range anxiety and vehicle dynamics.

Even though the new electric vehicles are being vouched for consumer-friendly billing, the SUVs are likely to adhere to the same principles of lightweight, aerodynamic efficiency, tight packaging, and high maneuverability as that of GMA’s supercars.   

As per credible reports, one of the two SUVs will carry a GMA badge, whereas the other SUV is being designed for an unnamed third-party manufacturer.

Earlier, Murray indicated diversification plans to extend beyond supercars in 2021 with the massive US $375 million five-year expansion strategy to ramp up the construction of Gordon Murray Group’s state-of-the-art campus in the UK.

Murray announced that GMD has started working on game-changing, ultra-efficient, lightweight EV architecture, that is expected to underpin a mini-SUV showcasing a compact delivery-van derivative.

According to Murray, the sub-four-meter EV is a practical compact car and thus based on the manufacturing volume and time of arrival, the product can potentially compete with the new range of affordable urban EVs from Skoda, Cupra, and Volkswagen.

Imperative to note that both the SUVs will be designed based on Murray’s iStream production method, wherein the battery plays a critical role in the vehicle shell and weight is maintained at a minimum to maximize efficiency and affordability.

Source Credit: https://www.autodaily.com.au/gordon-murray-to-produce-game-changing-electric-suvs/

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