Google improves voice recognition app ‘Google Assistant’ with new tech

By Vinisha Joshi  | Date: 2022-05-30

Google improves voice recognition app ‘Google Assistant’ with new tech

Tech giant Google is reportedly working on improving how Google Assistant recognizes user’s voice.

As per credible resources, lines of code in the latest version of Google’s Android app indicate possible integration of a new feature- ‘Personalized Speech Recognition’- into Google Assistant.

Speculations have it that Google might store users’ audio recording on the device and use it to better its hotword recognition technology.

Essentially, Google studies how to regulate the mode from the voice data and then delivers a summary of the model changes to Google servers, subsequently enhancing speech recognition capabilities of the entire model and aid all the Google Assistant users.

Meanwhile, Google is also parallelly focusing on upgrading on-device snore and cough detection technology.

The tech company’s publication provides a comprehensive overview of the recent version of Google Health Studies, representing strings of code indicating the presence of ‘Sleep Audio Collection’ – a feature made available for Google Employees only.

With the new feature that can collect audio using microphone on a smartphone, Google will monitor user’s snoring and cough patterns with an image displaying the quality of sleep, time at which the user coughed, and the duration for which the user snored.

Google’s ‘Cough and Snore algorithms’ will act as a bedside monitor providing users with information associated with their sleep such as coughing or snoring, which is a crucial indicator of bodily disorders, that may need immediate medical attention.

A peak into the modified Google Assistant app

Integration of new feature will ensure better understanding of phrases and words expressed by the users with the help of hotword ‘Hey Google’. In addition to this, users can use the feature while creating a voice-based text message or other similar tasks.

Imperative to note that, Google has already integrated devices such as Nest Mini and Nest Hub with a chip that can process user’s most common commands to deliver faster response time.

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