Google faces a new lawsuit over DeepMind-NHS health data scandal

By tadmin  | Date: 2022-05-18

Google faces a new lawsuit over DeepMind-NHS health data scandal

American technology giant, Google, is reportedly facing a new class-action lawsuit over a health data scandal that emerged in the UK back in 2016. This new litigation is about the controversial use of data of more than a million patients by DeepMind, the company’s AI division, without their consent, as a part of the Royal Free NHS Trust’s app development project.

In mid-2017, the UK data protection watchdog sanctioned the NHS Trust, when it found out that the Trust had breached the UK data protection law after it signed a data-sharing agreement with DeepMind back in 2015.

However, Google, which was engaged in the development of the Streams app wrapper for the Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) algorithm of NHS England, avoided the sanction as the Trust was directly responsible for providing it the patient data.

Andrew Prismall, the claimant, has reportedly stated that the new lawsuit is on behalf of nearly 1.6 million patients whose records were sent to DeepMind. Mishcon de Reya, a British law firm that represents the claimant, cited that the new litigation will seek damages for the unlawful use of confidential medical records of patients.

The law firm also revealed that the Royal Free NHS Trust in London is not being sued. It further noted that a litigation finance agreement with Australia-based Litigation Capital Management Limited is funding the new litigation.

Over the years, there has been an uptake in class-action lawsuits against technology giants in Europe over allegations of data misuse. Earlier this year, a major lawsuit was launched against Meta, Facebook’s parent, seeking billions in supposed damages over alleged abuse of its dominant position under the UK competition law.

In a further twist, in August 2021, Google announced its plan to shutter the Streams app while it was still in use by the NHS Trust. Later, the Trust claimed that it would continue using the app, further raising concerns over patient data security following the withdrawal of support by the tech giant.

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