Enel Green Power Spain to build new renewable projects for clean energy

By Tejaswita Tiwari  | Date: 2022-07-11

Enel Green Power Spain to build new renewable projects for clean energy

Leading firm in the Spanish electricity sector, Endesa’s renewable subsidiary, Enel Green Power Espana (EGPE), is reportedly constructing 27 renewable projects across Spain with a capacity of nearly 1130 MW of new green energy.

As per credible sources, the construction of these projects has so far involved nearly 4,200 professionals who are working in the renewable facilities of the firm.

Luca Capuozzo, Manager, Renewable Construction at Endesa stated that the construction of wind and solar power projects has begun in the parts of Castilla la Mancha, Aragon, Andalucia, and Extremadura. This is directed to meet the objective that the company has set for ensuring that its complete production is 100 per cent renewable in 2040.

According to reports, Endesa has strengthened its commitment to clean energy to push decarbonisation and is determined to reach 12,300 MW of wind, solar, and hydraulic power by 2024.

Notably, the increase in renewables will permit over 92 per cent of the energy production in the Iberian Peninsula so that by the end of 2024 it is free of carbon dioxide emissions, showing 6% points more than that of 2021. This project to decarbonize electricity production will let Endesa be a completely emission-free nation by 2040, with 100 per cent generation connected to renewable sources.

As per reports, all the renewable projects are initiated under a Shared Value Creation approach, with a motive to achieve the maximum rootedness and integration of the project with the environment. These were also proposed for maximizing the value that they can leave in the local community via initiatives that are conducted in participatory way, in collaboration with entities and agents of the area.

Moreover, the activities of the tertiary and primary sector are incorporated into the training courses, and facilities and are carried out to improvise the employability of the regional population.

The consumption and contraction of the services and goods in the area is also encouraged and these municipalities are backed in their path towards prompting initiatives for self-consumption, energy transition both in private and public spheres.

Source Credits: - https://www.evwind.es/2022/07/10/enel-green-power-spain-installs-1130-mw-of-wind-energy-and-solar-power/86915

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