Dynamic Foodco to launch Dynameat to solve Singapore food security issue

By Vinisha Joshi  | Date: 2022-06-04

Dynamic Foodco to launch Dynameat to solve Singapore food security issue

Dynamic Foodco, a Singapore-based food-tech startup, has reportedly planned to solve the food security problem in Singapore by the end of this year with the launch of its Dynameat brand.

The brand will initially focus on plant-based chicken. The launch will be backed by a recent round of seed funding. The information about the funds raised remains undisclosed but is laid out for improved R&D capabilities, team build-out, and the building of a commercial production facility.

The company noted that the development of its Dynameat brand is primarily motivated by Asia’s reluctance toward plant-based meat. This resulted in the creation of products with Asian taste in mind instead of serving traditional Western preferences. The meat alternatives, that are now nearing launch, are mainly based on eastern palates and cost-efficiency.

Dynameat is considered a relevant contributor to the 30 by 30 initiative of Singapore. It seeks to ensure that at least 30% of all food is produced domestically by the end of this decade to reduce dependence on unreliable imports.

The problem got worse with an export ban on Malaysian chicken, creating a potential dearth of poultry supplies for Singaporean diners.

Currently, Malaysia supplies one-third of the poultry imports to Singapore. The country plans to block the export of over 3.6 million chickens per month, to stem inflation and stabilize domestic supply.

Singapore is expected to witness price hikes and shortages. Dynameat is touted to solve these issues by domestically producing realistic replacements for chicken.

Dynamic Foodco CEO and Founder Dr. Andy Kusumo commented that the company intends to offer plant-based meat options that are affordable, nutritious, scalable, and can easily withstand supply chain concerns like the recent export ban.

Although Dynameat is developed keeping chicken-rice connoisseurs in mind, there is no confirmation on the composition of the plant-based meat.

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