China’s capital offers COVID shot-related health insurance to elderly

By Tejaswita Tiwari  | Date: 2022-05-28

China’s capital offers COVID shot-related health insurance to elderly

The city of Beijing is reportedly offering its elderly citizens a state-sponsored health insurance for medical incidents related to COVID-19 shots to ease hesitancy towards vaccination.

According to city officials, a relatively low rate of vaccination among the elderly has been the weakest link in its supposedly ‘dynamic zero-COVID strategy’.

As of September 2021, around 97.7% of Beijing’s adult residents were fully vaccinated. But only 80.6% of adults aged 60 and above received their first dose by mid-April this year.

The government will cover the premiums of the new insurance plan that aim to ease concerns related to vaccination among the elderly and their family members.

The policy payout could be as high as USD 74,200 (500,000 yuan) per person for one benefit.

Meanwhile, many districts in Tianjin, which are also facing a fresh cluster of Omicron, have decided to strictly disallow entry into venues like stadiums for unvaccinated elderly people with no medical conditions that restricts them from getting vaccinated.

Elsewhere, the cabinet of China organized an emergency meeting with over 100,000 participants this week. Top leaders called out for new plans to stabilize an economy affected by the country’s zero-COVID policy.

The State Council’s video teleconference was attended by officials across the council, city, and provincial levels. High-profile Chinese officials were also present including Premier Li Keqiang, who requested authorities to take urgent action to reduce unemployment and sustain jobs.

Since the COVID wave in March, the second-largest economy in the world suffered across various sectors.

The primary cause of this situation is stringent lockdown measures across major cities-notably Shanghai-where many people were unable to leave their neighborhoods or homes for a month and a half.

This unexpected meeting comes following an executive meeting where authorities presented 33 new economic measures, including the extension of loans to small businesses, increasing tax refunds, and offering urgent loans to the severely-affect aviation sector.

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