Azelis unveils Regional Innovation Center for Food & Nutrition in Singapore

By Tejaswita Tiwari  | Date: 2022-06-02

Azelis unveils Regional Innovation Center for Food & Nutrition in Singapore

Azelis Holding S.A., a service provider in the food ingredients and specialty chemicals industry, has reportedly opened its RIC (Regional Innovation Center) for Food & Nutrition in Singapore.

The RIC will have the potential to create numerous food innovations toward tastier and healthier solutions through ready-to-use formulations with sustainable and advanced ingredients.

Considered to be an innovative platform for the Food & Nutrition (F&N) ecosystem in the Asia Pacific, the RIC is an important achievement in the growth strategy of Azelis. This reinforces the Group’s position as a leader in providing innovative solutions.

Apart from the RIC, the company’s five F&N application labs across the Asia Pacific establish a regional innovation network that combines the formulation capabilities and technical expertise of the regional and local teams for greater synergy.

This configuration enables Azelis to effectively cater to the F&N market, realize novel ingredient combinations, and develop sustainable solutions and pathbreaking formulations that will be offered across the region.

Asia Pacific Innovation Director Vikash Raj noted that the RIC enables the ability to provide support to customer projects by developing inventive solutions for all formulation stages, from idea to final product, across industrial applications in Beverage, Bakery, Dairy, Confectionery, and Savory.

CEO & President Asia Pacific, Laurent Nataf mentioned that the company has substantially invested in its innovation abilities across APAC by operating 20 labs for all key market segments.

Nataf added that the regional innovation of Azelis builds on its expertise in formulation by fostering cross-team collaboration to reinforce synergies across countries, increase efficiency, and ensure consistent success in formulation for its customers.

In other news, Azelis received Bronze at the Sensory Bar Awards in Paris. The Antwerp-based company was awarded for the formulation Redefining IN and OUT Gummies.

One of the two formulations is a texture gummy that can be melted into a light gel face mask and the second is an edible fruit supplement.

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