Ascent Business Technology unveils SaaS platform- AutoBCM NextGen

By Tejaswita Tiwari  | Date: 2022-06-10

Ascent Business Technology unveils SaaS platform- AutoBCM NextGen

Ascent Business Technology Inc., an expert in resilience software solutions, has reportedly launched a newly modified version of its AutoBCM Enterprise Resilience Platform.

The upgraded version of AutoBCM integrates a unique technology platform with insights from experts in the field to help organizations meet crisis management requirements and improve business continuity and risk management.

The new AutoBCM expands the ability for no-code configurability to offer ready-to-use digital templates and execute effective analysis of business impact along with reliable threat assessments.

With the platform’s ease-of-integration capabilities, automated business continuity planning, and emergency notification system, organizations can analyze risk exposure, brace recovery teams & incident response, and create continuity plans. 

It would be vital to note that the platform has acquired a user base of more than 80 clients across public, private, government, and not-for-profit sectors in the Middle East, in no time.

Kundan Shekhawat, Founder and CEO at Ascent emphasized on the role of customer and market feedback mechanisms in successfully building a rich connector library and the potential of the company’s risk anomaly detection to revolutionize the way operational resilience is built.  

Essentially, the company offers an all-inclusive ‘operational resilience’ approach that entails the utilization of experts’ insights on different subject matters such as crisis and risk management.

Moreover, Ascent’s newly defined platform is designed to provide a solution that helps every organization to develop a culture of resilience via a holistic solution.

Prominent features of the AutoBCM platform include-

  • Shorter deployment period – reduced from months to days
  • Configuration of potential risk parameters
  • Determining business continuity challenges beforehand
  • Instant scope detection of the threat
  • Assembles crisis management teams in minutes
  • Automated business continuity plans
  • Autonomous anomaly detection

Primarily, the user experience of the platform is designed to facilitate easy navigation and intuitive workflow for building an operational resilience program for the customer organization.

In addition, the platform provides organizations access control over interruptions that could potentially hinder day-to-day as well as mission-critical tasks.  

Moreover, it also provides training, professional consulting services, and self-study resources to guide organizations in building a resilient program.

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