Archer Materials fabricates nanodevices to advance 12CQ chip tech

By Tejaswita Tiwari  | Date: 2022-06-20

Archer Materials fabricates nanodevices to advance 12CQ chip tech

Semiconductor device manufacturer Archer Materials Ltd has reportedly fabricated nanodevices that will probe quantum behavior in its qubit material and advance its 12CQ chip technology.

This fabrication is the first step toward quantum state readout from single and few qubits used in its quantum computing chip technology.

Archer Materials has stated that nanodevices were fabricated using specialized software and advanced lithography to obtain feature sizes that comply with a few to single qubits.

The company’s 12CQ chip leverages the first-of-its-kind qubit processor technology that could lead to mobile devices being powered by quantum computing. The technology includes a carbon nanosphere designed to store a qubit.

Readout and control devices are necessary for setting the qubit and read qubit stored on the carbon nanosphere. Here, the control device executes quantum operations on the qubit and the results are measured by a readout device.

The process of fabrication can be repeated and reproduced at scale. This makes it capable of solving problems associated with proximity effects of complex nanodevices and the on-chip feature integration of nanometer and micron size.

Archer CEO Dr. Mohammad Choucair has commented that the new initiative marks a substantial escalation of development towards attaining the company’s goal of on-chip qubit readout and control.

Dr. Choucair added that the nanodevices are aimed at translating 12CQ’s quantum behavior for processing on-chip information and potentially offering a pathway toward mobile integration.

Previously, Archer validated the classic behavior of few-qubits, single-qubit, and associated device fabrication.

It also announced the validation of detecting on-chip quantum information for macroscopic qubit level using mobile supportive technology that has direct consequences on Archer’s readout and control program.

Last month, Archer was awarded an Australian patent for its quantum computing chip technology. The patent covers the proposed qubit chip and offers Archer legally enforceable and exclusive commercial rights to the innovation in Australia.

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