Albertsons & Kroger to export Bubs to curb infant formula scarcity in US

By Vinisha Joshi  | Date: 2022-06-11

Albertsons & Kroger to export Bubs to curb infant formula scarcity in US

Bubs, an-Australia based brand, has given a confirmation that its products will be available across 4,000 United States stores starting 20th June after signing supply contracts with Albertsons and Kroger, two main supermarket chains in the country.

As per credible reports, the two United States retailers will distribute the products which will be delivered by a chartered 747-400F air cargo plane scheduled to depart from Tullamarine Airport, Melbourne as an effort of ‘Operation Fly Formula’.

Reportedly, the country is searching for solutions to curb the countrywide scarcity of infant formula. This has urged Bubs to volunteer to provide around 1.25 million cans (the equivalent of 27.5 million bottles) of the solution.

Kristy Carr, Chief Executive Officer, Bubs stated that the latest accomplishment is a benchmark achievement for the Bubs Family and the team is all proud of it.

Kristy mentioned that the company has been working around the clock to make sure they get the critical supplies of infant formulas delivered to the retailers in the USA.

According to sources, Kristy has expressed gratitude to the entire Bubs team in the USA and Australia, the logistics partners, freight, and Australian and U.S Government officials, who have partnered to support the need of the hour for the American families.

Kristy added that the expansion of the Australian formula throughout 4000 stores in United States is a huge achievement as Bubs is the sole Australian-made formula available in the States.

As per sources, the Food and Drug Administration in the US confirmed that they will exercise their discretionary powers to let Bubs export the six variants of their infant formula to assist in lifting up the pressure created by a product recall from one of United States most renowned laboratories of milk formulas previously this year.

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