Is Shevchenko the best?

Ukraine won in match against Portugal and it is not sensation – it is fact. Ukraine dominated in the middle with longballs to wingers which helped them to play better and control the match.

Ukraine strategy was very surprising thing for Portugal’s manager and finally Portugal wasn’t able to bring them to the game again quickly – in the end of the match they were very close to score but limit of time finished their attacks without success.

This battle was the best battle for fans, personally for Shevchenko. We wish him luck in his future.

AC MILAN potential managers

Is it ideal moment to hire Shevchenko? Nope. We have already seen Seedorf, Inzaghi, Montella, Gattuso – great experience? Not sure. Ready to call him later, want to see him during the BIG tournament for his Ukraine team.

Wenger? Why not? Passion, experience, knowledge, ability to grow young players. His Arsenal without budget for transfers was better than Arsenal of Unai Emery. Ideal candidate for ACMilan’s reputation and global attention.

Massimo Allegri? Remember that 2010–2014 and great matches against Barcelona, but I am sure he wants to join FC outside the Italy, SerieA – without any chances for ACMilan now.

Add $300 000 000 to the budget and Mourinho will be the number one for ACMilan. The ideal option for Mourinho and the ideal option for the Italian club.

But it is Pioli. Wanna see his Ac Milan. We Ready to build our own Ac Milan. Let’s do it!