1.1 million children could face malnutrition crisis in Afghanistan- UN

By Vinisha Joshi  | Date: 2022-05-27

1.1 million children could face malnutrition crisis in Afghanistan- UN

A latest report by United Nations state that 1.1 million children of Afghanistan under the age of five are most likely to face severe malnutrition as the admission of wasting-away, hungry children increase in the hospital wards.

As per reports, United Nations, along with other aiding agencies, were able to delay famine after the takeover of Afghanistan by Taliban, the previous year, calling for a huge emergency aid program that fed masses.

Apparently, these programs are trying hard to keep up with the persistently deteriorating conditions. Rising poverty in Afghanistan is making the population in need of aid as the food prices increase globally because of the Ukraine war.

Not to mention, the promised assistance from international funding has been of no help, due to which the vulnerable are becoming victims, including the mothers facing challenge to feed themselves along with their children and families.

UNICEF’s claims about 1.1 million children falling a victim to malnutrition this year has nearly increased two-fold since 2018, and a little up from under one million from the previous year.

For the unversed, severe wasting is one of the most fatal kind of malnutrition in which the lack of food is so much that the immune system of the child is compromised. The body becomes vulnerable to multiple diseases and finally falls so weak that it fails to absorb nutrients.

For the record, Mohamed Ag Ayoya, Afghanistan Representative for UNICEF, claimed that the count of children under the age of five being admitted to hospitals with severe acute malnutrition has mounted from 16,000 in March 2020 to 18,000 in March 2021 and then 28,000 in March this year.

Afghanistan was already hit by one of the worst droughts and torn by years of wars, and the condition worsened with the Taliban takeover.

Source Credits: - https://www.texarkanagazette.com/news/2022/may/25/11-million-afghan-children-could-face-severe/

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