Scott Naylor joins UKIP

Councillor Scott Naylor resigned from the conservative party on Tuesday 2nd July.

After days of speculation, Naylor has confirmed that he has moved to the UK Independent Party. Two days after resigning from the Conservatives, Naylor and UKIP Party leader Nigel Farage agreed to work together on Richmond and Twickenham. It is evident from Naylor’s twitter feed that he has shared UKIP sympathies for a while, so for many his defection has not come as a shock.

It has been reported that Naylor said “Residents are despairing that the Euro is in almost total meltdown, it is affecting them in both business, holidays, cost of living an over-valued currency.”

As many will know, UKIP are adamant protestors of the EU and Naylor has showed his sympathies by tweeting numerous times about how he wants to promote reform of the European Union and issues with our governments and other government’s failings regarding the Euro and the EU.

YouGov have reported in a recent survey that when Conservative members were asked “To what extent, if at all, do you think the Conservative party leadership respects ordinary party members?” 42 per cent of members responded that leadership does not respect them very much and 11 per cent said that they do not respect them at all.

The YouGov survey found a fifth of Conservative members were considering voting UKIP and more than half did not feel respected by Mr Cameron and his inner circle. Nigel Farage has said that UKIP is not a splinter party for the righter wingers of the Conservative Party but a new national party.

Cllr Naylor was reported to have said: “I resigned from the Conservatives on Tuesday due to the melt down of the association and total disconnect between local issues and any interests on local issues.”

It seems that with the other recent defections from the conservative party, David Cameron is experiencing the effects of the modernisation of the Conservative Party.

Elizabeth Cracknell


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