Lunch Review: Lass O’Richmond Hill

We were invited to have lunch at the Lass O’Richmond Hill, a local favourite at the top of Queens Road, just a short hop from Richmond Gate and the wide parkland beyond. The building’s traditional architecture and flowerbeds overflowing with colour conjures images of stagecoaches and weary travellers, an impression reinforced by the softly lit  interior and big comfy armchairs which, during the winter months would surely be drawn up close to one of the pub’s roaring fireplaces. Continue reading

“Thanks for your Patience” during ongoing Twickenham Traffic fiasco

The traffic situation in Twickenham has long been pretty appalling, and has been a source of constant aggravation for those forced to commute through the area. But the council is urging residents be patient, and thank them for the patience they have demonstrated thus far, during the works which aim to improve and revitalise the Twickenham area as part of the ‘Twickenham Rediscovered’ project.  Continue reading